What Is An MRI Scan And Why Is It Done?

MRI is a non-invasive technique used to get detailed images of various organs and structures present inside the human body. The process doesn’t include radiation exposure and is considered to be a safe one. However, it is an expensive test that involves a magnetic field and radio wave energy for processing images. In case you’re looking for an MRI Scan in Delhi, you can check with different diagnostic centers and find the lowest MRI scan cost. Before that, it is important to know what an MRI is and why it is done.

What Is MRI?

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a diagnosis performed using a magnetic field in combination with pulses of radio waves to generate detailed pictures of inner body parts. In several cases where the reports generated by technologies like x-ray, ultrasound, and CT scan don’t seem to be reliable enough, MRI scan delivers more accurate results. Problems that are not visible with other imaging techniques can be seen with MRI.

To perform the test, the part of the body to be diagnosed is positioned inside an MRI machine equipped with a strong machine. The patient is placed on a movable table. Pictures obtained from the machine are in the form of digital images that can be stored for further study. These pictures are also reviewed remotely if needed. It might be required for clinical purposes and sometimes in operating rooms.

After the test is performed, a radiologist analyzes the images and sends the report to your primary care which is then shared with you.

Why Is It Done?

MRI test is done to evaluate several body parts that include chest and abdomen parts like heart, liver, kidneys, and bowel, pelvic organs like reproductive parts and the bladder, and blood vessels. Here are a few conditions that can be diagnosed using MR imaging:

  • Tumours present in the abdomen, chest, or pelvic area
  • Liver diseases such as cirrhosis
  • Heart problems
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Abnormalities of pancreas
  • Inflammation of vessels
  • Joint disorders and abnormalities
  • Bleeding and injuries, etc.

Furthermore, there might be cases where a problem is detected on an x-ray or ultrasound scan but it is not clear enough. In that case, an open MRI test can be performed to get a clearer image and diagnose the problem. Best Medical Savings offers all types of MRI scans for the best prices in Delhi. After all, your health comes before everything else!

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