Things to keep in mind while going for laser hair removal treatment

In today’s world of style and glamor, we do a lot of things and try on a lot of products to look our best to the outside world. This can be in the form of a haircut or a new product that you apply to look fairer and more radiant, the list is almost endless. But one thing that most of us need and also forget to take care of or remove is the extra, unwanted hair in our body. This can any type of facial hair that you do not want or hair in any other part of the body, including armpits, chests etc. but removing all the unwanted hair in your body is a lot easier that it used to be.

With the help of the latest technology and laser removal methods, it is possible to easily and painlessly remove all the unwanted hair in your body.

Here we will be talking about laser hair removal treatment and laser hair removal diode technology and things to keep in mind before you chose to go for it.

  • It’s best to stay inside before your appointment

You cannot receive the treatment if you are tanned or sunburned. It is recommended to stay away from  the sun for at least few days before your appointment for the best results.

  • Shave the area before you get it laser

It is best to shave a day before the appointment as the laser targets the pigments in your hair follicle and the follicle has to be exposed at the time of  treatment.. This means that you cannot get a waxing recently. Even if you don’t shave before the appointment, the doctor will provide you with a razor so that you may do it.

  • Different people react differently

This doesn’t have to be explained. Different people have different body constitution and makeup. Therefore different people will react differently to the treatment. Some people might have an allergic reaction  and therefore your physician will conduct a small patch test first.

  • Never believe someone who says he can get best results without above precautions .

There is a certain reaction which  the laser produces if proper cooling is not provided and results in rashes or redness. Most of the laser machines are equipped with a cooling attachment and few others need an assistant to place ice packs in the treated area .This means that immediate cooling is a must which should be followed with ice packs at home at least twice in a day.

These are just some of the points that you should keep in mind before you book an appointment. To get the best effect from the procedure, it is important to be consistent and regular with follow up sessions and apply sunscreen lotion liberally ..

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