Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi by experienced Surgeons of Delhi

In this section we will share complete information related to Knee Replacement Surgery and also will help you in finding the best Knee Replacement Surgeon for the Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery/TKR, Partial Knee Replacement Surgery, Complete Knee Joint Replacement Surgery or Minimal Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi. Best of Orthopedic Specialists having years of experience are associated with us in Delhi to serve you in a best way. Enjoy the expert consultation with the economical charges. One can save upto 30% on Knee Joint Replacement Surgery in Delhi with BMS and that too without compromising on the quality.

In Delhi we find many cases of knee replacement surgeries. Let us first know what Knee Replacement surgery actually is. Knee replacement is same as knee arthroplasty; it is a surgery that is done to replace the surface that bears the weight of the knee joint, so that you are relieved from excessive pain and disability. The knee is the largest joint that is required to be fit for doing our daily activities.This surgery is performed mostly on those patients that are suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. The knee joint replacement surgery must be considered when other methods are of no use.

Knee replacement surgery is performed on people who have advanced osteoarthritis and other treatments have not proved beneficial for them at all. Total Knee Replacement or TKR is provided for younger patients as an option for significant correction in knee joint or bone trauma. It is also executed to correct the varus deformity or mild valgus. If varus deformity or mild valgus is serious then it should be corrected using osteotomy. Physical therapy is very beneficial for improving mobility and functionality of the knee and in some cases it may also prevent you from undergoing the knee replacement surgery.  It’s better to look for other scopes before going for the knee replacement surgery because the cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi is actually very high.

Knee replacement surgery is done to replace the diseased or damaged joint surface with metal and plastic components that help in knee motion. BMS has lot of Knee Replacement Surgeons associated with it in Delhi that bring innovative solution for fulfilling the requirements of the patients.

To get rid of the unbearable knee pain, numerous knee replacement options are available in store with us for you. The solutions we have for your problems can be tailored as per your specific requirements.

There are two types of knee replacement surgery, offered in Delhi:

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

 Partial knee replacement is also known as unicompartmental arthroplasty. The knee is divided in three parts or compartments such as medial, lateral and patella. Medial is the inside part of the knee, whereas lateral is the outside part of the knee and patella is the kneecap. Patients having damage in one or two compartment only are the candidate who has to go for partial knee replacement. In partial knee replacement, only the damaged compartment is rectified or replaced, so that you can retain most part of the natural knee.

Complete Knee Replacement

Complete Knee Replacement Surgery/Total knee replacement is also known as TKR. It is a surgery in which the knee joint suffering from pain is replaced with artificial material. Our Knee is made up with a combination of thigh bone at lower end, shinbone at upper end and a knee cap. The endpoint of these bones where they touch each other is covered up with articular cartilage that protects our bones and help us to move easily. At the time of Total knee replacement the thighbone is replaced with the metal shell. The shinbone is resurfaced with the metallic tray topped with a plastic spacer depending on the position and condition of the kneecap. The surface under the kneecap is cut and resurfaced using a plastic button. The components used for replacement are designed to imitate the curve of natural knee bone. The entire artificial components used for the knee replacement procedure is called prosthesis.

Minimal Invasive Knee Replacement

Minimal invasive Knee replacement surgery is similar to the traditional Knee replacement, but with less cutting of tissue around the knee. Surgical instruments for preparation of prosthesis and implantation are similar in both the forms of replacement. Minimal invasive knee replacement is performed through 4 to 6 inches of incision that is smaller than the 8 to 10 inch incision that is used for traditional knee replacement.That means that tissue disturbance is less and avoid trauma to front thigh muscle and quadriceps tendon. Technique of minimal invasive is termed as “midvastus” as well as “subvastus”. This method leads to less postoperative pain and takes less time of recovery as well. They deal better with the daily activities when compared to standard surgery patients. Like traditional Knee replacement the minimal knee replacement surgery is performed by well-trained and experienced orthopaedic surgeons.

Following the Knee Joint Replacement Surgery your orthopaedic surgeon will inform you about the recovery time that will be taken. They will determine how soon you can move your knee, usually it’s the same day after the surgery is done.  They will provide the rehab therapy for about 3 or more months, that starts a few hours after the surgery itself. In the Rehab you will get to know about the safety of the new knee, improving the strength of your muscle, increasing the movement of joints and also about commencing your normal day to day activities.

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