Flexible Ureteroscopy in Delhi and Gurgaon. Cost of Flexible Ureteroscopy in Delhi and Gurgaon

Flexible Ureteroscopy

Flexible Ureteroscopy is procedure or examination that uses an ureteroscope. Like a cystoscope, an ureteroscope is a device for evaluating the inside of the human urinary tract. Remember, an ureteroscope is thinner and longer than a traditional cystoscope, and is normally used to examine things beyond the human bladder into natural ureters, a tube or tubes that carry human urine from the kidneys to natural bladder. However, some ureteroscopes are firm and rigid, but some are very flexible just like a long and thin straw.

With the help of ureteroscope, a medical professional sees potential stones in the ureter, and then eliminates them with a tiny basket at the end of a metal wire attached via an additional channel in the device i.e. ureteroscope. Moreover, another best way to treat a bigger stone via an ureteroscope is to expand a flexible fiber via the scope up to a certain stone, and then with the help of laser beam which is shown through the flexible fiber break the available bigger stone into tiny pieces. These tiny pieces of stones can easily pass out of human body through urine. What and how the doctor or surgeon will do is totally determined by the size, composition and location of the stones.

Reasons to use Flexible Ureteroscopy as a Treatment for Kidney Stones

  • Hematuria
  • regular urinary tract infections
  • availability of unusual cells in urine samples
  • a big or small-sized kidney stone in the human ureter
  • Blockage of urinary system caused especially by an unusual shortening of the ureter
  • An abnormal growth, tumor, cancer, polyp in the ureter.

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