Facial and Full Body Laser Hair Removal

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As people have become quite conscious about their face and unwanted hair on the face pose a serious threat to the self-image and lifestyle of people. Facial hair and full body hair are of deep concern for both men and women. They love to keep their entire skin free of any hair. Both men and women have become conscious about their looks, appeal and overall personality. With the existence of laser technology in removing facial and body hair, they hit the laser treatment clinics where they seek permanent solution of unwanted and excess hair on their face.

Laser hair removal services are offered where individual skins color and types are judged and then the specific wavelength of laser light is applied for the best assured results.

Women consider unwanted facial hair as a major issue owing to the following factors:

  • Excess and unwanted hair in the body makes ladies feel less confident and hurts their self-image.
  • Women want to continuously upgrade their lifestyle, which is why they prefer to avail such services. They need improvement in the way they appear and behave. Such hair hinders self-improvement.
  • Various professions such as acting, modeling and photo shoots demand hair-free facial and body skin, which is why women seek laser techniques.
  • Ladies feel disgraced when they find hair on their overall skin. To be socially elite and classy, they consider facial hair as serious problems.

Men have, of late been interested in availing facial laser treatments because of the following reasons:

  • Professions like modeling, acting demand hair-free facial skin. Men consider hair on face as a threat to their professional career.
  • It also hurts the self-image and esteem of men to have unwanted facial hair. They feel less attracted and low on confidence.

Men have become fashion-conscious like women. A body full of hair somehow disregards their public and social image.

Women have full body hair mainly due to hormonal functions or hereditary (through genes). It boosts confidence and gives a smooth skin.

The laser treatment works to destroy the hair follicles on the skin. It works upon the concept of selective photothermolysis where the rate of the pulse is matched with the wavelength of the laser light. The beam of the laser concentrates only on the targeted tissues and destroys them completely, without hampering the entire skin area. This result in having an effective flawless skin that anyone would love to have.

Beard Shaping for Men & Eyebrow Shaping for Men and Women
Men are also considering permanent shaping of their beard to match steps with latest fashion and trends. By laser treatment of shaping beards, men portray a lifestyle and image in others’ minds. Professional stylists and models consider shaping of eyebrow as a trademark of their personality.

Women want their eyebrows to be in shape forever. Even men involved in acting and modeling seek such looks and eyebrow shapes. The time taken depends on the number of hair to be removed. On an average, about six sittings are recommended.

Preperation For Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Delhi
The day before your session here are few things to keep in mind such as avoid any antibiotics and aspirin the day before.

Remember not to get tweezing ,waxing or electrolysis just before the laser session and be clear to understand that shaving is usually needed just a day before because it exposes the hair follicle and laser energy can easily pass on it.

As these steps will be needed before each session and they will be spaced out so better is to put them in writing in front of your table.

As further sessions will be spaced out, choose days in which you plan to remain mostly indoors if at all you go out in sun carry adequate clothing to cover the treated skin.

Keep ready at home ice packs, anaesthetic gel, sunscreen lotion as you will need them when you are back from your session.

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