Bone Scan

A bone scan creates a map of your bone marrow to assess any changes. This scan is usually completed after the structure of the bone has been altered by trauma or surgery.

A bone marrow scan uses a small amount of radioactive material, which is so small it has no side effects.

Bone scan also known as nuclear scan is used to diagnose bone abnormalities such as structural and abnormality in its built up matter.

Bone diseases due to nutrional causes such as osteoporosis and osteomalacia leads to chronic pain and such abnormalities are diagnosed by bone scans.

most of the radiology centres are equipped with nuclear imaging and these teats are performed there .Conditions such as spread of cancer to bones, stress fractures, arthritis and lack of blood supply giving rise to weak bones can be diagnosed by bone scans .A radioactive tracer is injected in the body and this material is traced in intervals as it passes the body leaving signs of abnormal areas .It is a painless study and is not done in pregnant women due to radiation exposure.